Winter Carnival Outdoor Fun

Candlelight hike

This weekend was the Winter Carnival at the Heiliger Huegel Ski Club near Holy Hill, WI. Hundreds of people came out throughout the weekend to enjoy Wisconsin’s winter beauty and have some fun in the process. Festivities kicked off on Saturday evening with a .75 mile candlelight hike through the HH ski club property and the adjacent Schoofs Preserve. Our volunteers set up the hike by placing over 100 luminary bags and candles throughout the route.

Over 75 winter enthusiasts, including many families, came out for the hike. The hike ended at the ski club chalet for chili, fireworks, s’mores, and polka music; all thanks to Tall Pines Conservancy and the HH Ski Club.

Sunday’s events started with the Langlauf XC ski race at 10am (Langlauf is German for cross country skiing). 30 racers participated in the 5k and 10k race that winds through beautiful fields, woods, and prairies. Afterword, wheel and sprocket bike store had “fat-tire” bikes out for people to try on the winter trails. Overall, great February weather for a great winter experience.

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