MUHS Faculty Respond to Work of Mercy: Care for Our Common Home

MUHS faculty brave the cold to “care for our common home”

With morning temperatures in the single digits, doing woodland restoration is usually the last thing on people’s mind. Well, that wasn’t the case for these brave Marquette University High School faculty. As part of their 2017 faculty retreat, Laudato Si’ Project offered a stewardship option to reflect what Pope Francis established in 2016:”care for our common home” as both a spiritual and corporal work of mercy.


This same 12 acre woodland has been a continual work site for Laudato Si’ Project since last Fall. See our blog post “Fall Woodland Restoration”  The main focus of Thursday’s work was to remove invasive European Buckthorn from what will be a .3 mile nature trail through the woodland. The buckthorn is an aggressive tree species that steals nutrients, water, and sunlight from our native trees and woodland wildflowers. MUHS uses the Schoenstatt Retreat Center for its sophomore retreats and faculty were happy to give back to the Sister’s by helping care for the ecological health of this beautiful property. This woodland project will also host groups in the coming year from other schools, boy scouts, and confirmation programs.



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