Bluebird Nest Boxes

Students install a bluebird nest box at a Catholic Retreat Center

Seeing bluebirds arrive in Spring gives great hope to the warmer weather soon to be here. Male bluebirds have to be one of the most beautiful and most loved birds in the United States. They are cavity nesters, depending on big trees to supply them with ample nest choices. Pre-European settlement, the prairie and oak-savannah of southern WI gave them a plethora of cavity sites. With increased pressure from aggressive invasive species, like European Starlings and House Sparrows, loss of tree nesting cavity sites, coupled with some ice storms in their southern United States wintering grounds- populations decreased by nearly 90% from the 1930’s to the 1980’s!

Male Eastern Bluebird

Thanks to the efforts of the Bluebird Restoration Association of WI, bluebird populations have increased dramatically in their historically range. Education and especially construction of bluebird nestboxes, gave this awesome bird the advantage it needed. Patrick Donohue and Jonathon Wallace have built bluebird nest boxes for the Laudato Si’ Project and are pictured above helping to install them on a beautiful southern WI property. Placing of bluebird nest boxes is an easy way for us to ensure this species has a place on our WI landscape forever.  To learn more about bluebirds and hear their call Click Here.

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