A Laudato Si’ Weekend

This weekend was packed with educational fun. Two Parishes and 3 days of Laudato Si’.

St. Leonard’s Parish

On Friday, Laudato Si’ Project taught a Care for Creation program at St. Leonard’s Parish in Muskego, WI. It was the last day of their Vacation Bible School and the gym was packed with the energy of k-4 through 5th grade students. Thanks to their student and adult volunteers for helping make the morning such a wonderful experience. It is great to see young people so eager to learn how to Care for Our Common Home.

St. Gabriel’s Parish 

It was Sustainability Weekend at St. Gabriel’s Parish in Hubertus, WI. The parish Laudato Si’ Project team had spent months planning this wonderful event. The goal was to engage the parishioners with tools to live more sustainability and learn more about our Catholic call to be stewards of this planet. Partnerships with the adult formation program, St. Gabriel School and the human concerns committee helped make this event possible.

The parish hall was arranged with stations addressing a wide variety of topics.

  •  St. Gabriel School display highlighting efforts at the school to live more sustainably and connect the students to their faith and the natural world.
  • Prayers and resources for parishioners interested in learning more about our Catholic call of stewardship.
  • Waste and Recycling display with information on where and how to dispose of e-waste and recycle materials of all kinds.
  • Green Cleaning Products were available for parishioners to look at thanks to a representative from Shaklee
  • Sustainable Foods display highlighting CSA’s in the area where you can buy farm fresh, local food. There was also an activity on the Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen and handouts on being a more conscious consumer.
  • Water Issues display focusing on southeast WI with ways to save water and reduce fertilizer runoff.
  • Backyard Chickens display on how/why to raise your own chickens.
  • Native Prairie Plants display explaining the benefits of pollinators and the ecology of native prairie plants. Free honey sticks were available to sweeten the visit.
  • Recreation display with maps and events to encourage parishioners to explore our beautiful area. A kayak was brought in to allow kids to sit in it along with rental information from KT kayak rentals. 
  • Composting display with loads of “how to” information for the home composter. Various methods of composting were on display.
  • Nature Discovery Zone with many hands on animal specimens and plants from around the world.
  • Scavenger Hunt for kids to visit the various displays and earn a Care for Our Common Home Patch.
  • Food, of course. All items with a local, organic, fair trade focus. Actual dish-ware was used to avoid the one-time use waste of styrofoam and plastic.

Thanks to the many hands who made this event a success.

If your parish is interested in hosting a Sustainability Weekend, Contact Us.

A great cultural, spiritual and educational challenge stands before us, and it will demand that we set out on the long path of renewal.  -Pope Francis, Laudato Si’ 202

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