Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge


Written By WCC Professor Dr. Kent Lasnoski

Wyoming Catholic College is currently participating in the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge, a competition between various colleges to see who can get the most people active in the great outdoors. About 90 schools from across the country participate in this challenge over a six-week period. The winner will be named the National Outdoor Champion, receiving the prize of national recognition and outdoor gear.

Example Score Sheet for Outdoor Activities

Out of the colleges competing, Wyoming Catholic is among the few Catholic schools. With its focus forming the mind, body and spirit, and its emphasis on the poetic mode of learning—learning from a direct encounter with the true, good, and beautiful, WCC couldn’t help but sign up! From climbing and biking, to rafting and backpacking, these activities help the students learn the skills necessary in order to lead others and themselves toward an encounter with the glory of God most high not only visible and tangible in the sun breaking over the mountain, awakening and warming the senses, the imagination, the memory of God’s goodness.

images2            Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge offers Catholic schools an opportunity to witness to the deeper reasons we surround ourselves with the natural world: not out of a naïve enthusiasm for “nature” that amounts to a quasi-worship of the cosmos itself, but a reminder that man, as summit of God’s creation, as priest, prophet and king of this wondrous world, is called to draw up all of that creation with himself into an act of divine Sabbath worship, an act of rest in the God who created a world very good.

Find out more about the challenge:  http://www.oncampuschallenge.org/

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