New Partnership with Wyoming Catholic College


Laudato Si’ Project is excited to announce a new partnership with Wyoming Catholic College.  Wyoming Catholic College (WCC) is a four-year coeducational Catholic college whose primary educational objective is to offer a traditional liberal arts education that schools the whole person in all three dimensions—mind, body, and spirit.


One way they accomplish this is by immersing their students in the beauty of the outdoors. In their freshman outdoor courses, students engage and experience God’s creation as part of that creation themselves—indeed, as the crowning glory of that creation. Freshman are immersed in nature and their imaginations are nourished through a three-week summer program, and one-week winter wilderness expedition which specifically prepares students to plan and lead winter outdoor adventures and to participate in winter field science labs during their sophomore year. Four “Outdoor Weeks” are scheduled each year to facilitate these adventures.

Wyoming Catholic College believes that becoming a true leader means taking on the mantle of responsibility in any setting: from classroom to wilderness. It is the outdoor programming that helps fully accomplish the goal of forming leaders.


Laudato Si’ Project’s partnership with WCC will give those students a greater connection between the outdoor emphasis of the college and Pope Francis’ call to Catholics in the encyclical Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home. It is through their outdoor experiences at WCC that students will connect personally with Creation and thus fall greater in love with Jesus and His Church. In the future, we will have WCC students post on this blog about their experiences at the college and on their outdoor trips, exemplifying how they are “living” Laudato Si’.


Laudato Si’ Project is very excited about this partnership! Find out more about more about Wyoming Catholic CollegeInformation about WCC was taken from the Wyoming Catholic Catholic website.  

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