Conservation in the Mid Kettle Moraine

Mid Kettle Moraine Property

Laudato Si’ Project has teamed up with Ozaukee Washington Land Trust and Tall Pines Conservancy to help preserve a beautiful property in the Mid Kettle Moraine. We were joined by botanists from the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC). The botanists were doing a property inventory and collecting specimens for record keeping. Because of the diversity of habitat types on the parcel; wetland, upland, grassland- the diversity of plant species is outstanding. The private property has a “Natural Area” designation as a result of the presence of several high quality community types, some of which are still in pre-european settlement condition. Although the total plant inventory is not complete yet, at least 2 WI threatened plant species were found, one of which has never before been found in Washington County.

Botanists from Milwaukee Public Museum and SEWRPC collecting and recording species 

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