Nature Club at St. Gabriel School


Laudato Si’ Project’s Joe Meyer helps teach nature club at St. Gabriel Catholic School in Hubertus, WI. Nature club is an after school program for kindergarten through fifth grade and attempts to give outdoor, experiential nature encounters to students. Over 25 students from St. Gabriel’s came out on a sunny day to learn about habitats and nests.

We started by discussing different habitats and nests for a whole variety of creatures. Students got to touch and pass around a lot of examples. Then we talked about the different bird nests and materials they use in nest construction. Students were thrilled to be able to go out and build their own nests. We ended by playing a game in which students (birds) had to forage and bring the food back to their young in the nest while attempting to not get eaten by the predator. Nature club will resume again in the Fall.

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