Growing Power

This weekend we were privileged to be able to tour Growing Power, which is an urban gardening organization based on the north side of Milwaukee. In fact, they are the only site in Milwaukee County still zoned for agriculture. In this day and age of not knowing where your food comes from, students saw first hand the growing process of not only leafy greens, but also, perch, tilapia, goats, and chickens. Growing Power is nationally known and replicated as a way to ensure all people, even those in urban, minority neighborhoods, have access to nutritious vegetables.

The “sifter” which is what sifts the compost soil.


Growing Power sells many vegetables to Pick n’ Save and Sendiks but especially interesting is their aquaponic system to raise leafy greens and perch/tilapia. See below how water from the fish system is run up above through watercress trays fertilizing the plants with the fish waste. These fish are grown to adulthood and sold to various restaurants including Lakefront Brewery. Growing Power makes all their own soil through composting and are experts in growing vertically. It was truly amazing to see how much sustainable, organic production can take place on 2 city acres.

See more at Growing Power’s Website

Feeding the milking goats

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