Mid Kettle Moraine Partners Get a New Look


The Mid Kettle Moraine Partners is a collective impact partnership of over 2 dozen organizations ranging from land trusts, townships, county supervisors, regional planners, and outreach organizations like Laudato Si’ Project. The Goal of the MKMP is to bring greater awareness to the importance of the Mid Kettle Moraine ecologically and economically. In the 1930’s to the 1960’s, a lot of land was set aside for conservation and recreation that resulted in the beautiful Southern and Northern Kettle Moraines (much of which is State Forest or State Natural Areas open for public use). In the 1960’s the funding dried up and land acquisition ceased resulting in a 40 miles stretch left unprotected- The Mid Kettle Moraine. Conservation will ensure that the Mid Kettle Moraine stays protected for water quality, recreational opportunities, educational use, habitat, and because it is the right thing to do!

Many groups at the meeting do a lot of conservation work in the Mid Kettle Moraine. For example, Laudato Si’ Project uses lands in the Mid Kettle Moraine for educational, stewardship, and recreational projects. We are even helping plan and plant an 8 acre prairie in the Mid Kettle Moraine this summer to increase pollinator habitat and water quality of the Oconomowoc River.

As far as the new look, the Mid Kettle Moraine Partners now has a logo. This is thanks to Laudato Si’ Project graphic designer and artist, Andrea Meyer (wife of director Joe Meyer). The MKMP has also launched a new website to help people discover and explore the Mid Kettle Moraine. Along with this is the completion of a NEW map which will show all the public lands, Ice Age Trail, preserves, canoe/kayak routes, and scenic drives in the Mid Kettle Moraine. When these maps are printed in the next month or so I will mail them out to Laudato Si’ Project members. The efforts of Laudato Si’ Project and the MKMP will hopefully bring about a green future for this “Gift of God and the Glaciers”

Click Here to see the Mid Kettle Moraine Partners new website.

Bloodroot, a spring ephemeral flower

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