Maple Syrup Demonstration for HH Ski Club Spring Picnic

Explaining the tapping of Sugar Maple Trees

Heiliger Huegel Ski Club had their spring picnic today. The temperature was in the mid thirties and 2 inches of snow fell the night before (“spring picnic”??) Despite it not feeling like spring, it is great maple syruping weather. About 20 adults and kids came to learn about the process of tapping and making maple syrup. The highlight of many was tasting maple sap, which is about 2% sugar, and then getting a taste of the finished syrup at 66% sugar.

I wanted to stress that anyone can make their own syrup, even if they only have one maple tree and live in the city. Love Live the Sugar Maple.

If you want more information about tapping maple trees, equipment, and making syrup  Click Here

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